Water Oak Farm, South Carolina

The pasture after an evening's storm and a rainbow in the background.

A rare 2011 snow fall in South Carolina.
A perfect eastern South Carolina late afternoon, Domino and Sky grazing in front of the house.
Mac, Ryder, Cindi and Mike.
Macallan is my personal McCurdy. Purchased from Cindy Martin in 2006, he was my first introduction to McCurdy Plantation Walking Horses. His dam was a McCurdy and sire a TWH. With such an unusual name, I asked Cindy where his
name came from. She said he was named after a fine Scotch and he has lived up to his name! Full of mischief, incredibly handsome with a stubborn streak, a carrot-lover and a great trail horse! Along with Vegas - my TWH, Macallan is my main trail horse and will hopefully carry me into my old age.

For Sale: Miss Tilly McCurdy

Nine years old
Registered Foundation McCurdy (F-207)

Pictures from the 2008 May SC McCurdy trail ride. Tilly at the trailer before the ride and my husband Mike with Tilly at our lunch break.

Great trail horse that can go the distance, quick paced for an intermediate rider. Trained for carriage, but we have not done anything in that area. Very calm and easy-going personality. She is very bonded with Domino and we will
only sell Tilly to a family who will give her a perfect home.

(843) 346-2337

For Sale
Nine years old
Registered Foundation McCurdy (F-236)

Storm's Gray Sky is flea-bitten gray mare. She was purchased from Richard McDuffie in 2006. Her name at the time was "Gray Mare" on the McCurdy Registry. When we brought her back to the barn, she kicked up a storm when Macallan came near her and actually injured her back leg. Thus "Gray Mare" became Storm. We are selling her as a proven brood mare and would need an experienced rider. She has not been ridden in 2 years because of breeding, but has a nice disposition and willingly comes to you in the pasture - always on the lookout for a carrot! She is an excellent dam and produces naturally gaited foals.
(843) 346-2337

Stormís Gen McDuffie (Mac)
3 Year Old Black Gelding

Registered McCurdy Plantation Horse
Sire: Genís Sir Charles (TWH)
Dam: Stormís Gray Sky
Height: 14.3 hands/should mature at 15 hands
Mac is a 3 year-old registered McCurdy and under saddle. We would love to find him a great home. He is full of personality and has the potential to be a great trail horse for someone who would like to watch him grow!


Mim's Strawberry Delight affectionately called Blaze.

BLAZE Ė R.I.P 2010
ďAnd God took a handful of southerly wind, blew His breath over it and created the horse.Ē
Your hoof prints remain in our hearts. Breathe deep and run free, our beautiful Blaze.

Nettles Reno (Sky)
4 Year Old Black Gelding

Registered McCurdy Plantation Horse
Sire: The Swamp Fox
Dam: Hobcawís McCurdy April

Height: 14.3 hands/should mature at 15 hands
Sky is a 4-year old registered McCurdy, sired by Swamp Fox. A beautiful horse with a gentle nature, he loves attention! Skyís favorite past time is playing in the water mister that Mike built to keep the horses cool in the South Carolina heat. Along with Mac and Macallan, Sky waits by the spigot in the afternoon for the water to spray out.



A Royal Midnight Ryder (Ryder) was foaled May 2, 2008.

Ryder is Chipís younger full brother. Ryder has great potential to be a solid show horse as well. Ryder is now 2 years old and has started with a professional trainer. Both Chip and Ryder were sired by Genís Sir Charles and A Royal Night in Vegas.



Genís Royal Chip

Registered TWH that Cindi shows with NWHA. Chip has won many ribbons and has become a favorite trail horse as well. Cindi is looking forward to showing Chip for many years to come!

Our Tennessee Walking Horses were purchased from Betty and George Rugman at Sunset Acres in Camden, S.C. Secret's Magic Impression, "Magic", is a 20 year old chestnut mare. She was a beautiful show horse in her younger days, but was recently diagnosed with a detached retina. Her soft whinny at dinnertime will melt anyone's heart.


A Royal Night in Vegas
is our 13-year-old black Walker and a favorite of Cindi's to ride. She is a gentle spirit and is a wonderful trail horse that will follow you anywhere in the pasture. Neither horse is for sale.

Miss Melba McCurdy (Mel)
9 Year Old Chestnut Mare

Registered Foundation McCurdy Plantation Horse
Height: 15.2 hands
Mel is a registered McCurdy who will melt your heart and give you a soft whinny when it is time to eat. Cindiís show schedule has limited the amount of time for trail riding and we want to find Mel a good home with someone who enjoys time out on the trails. Mel and Macallan are best buddies in the pasture!


Ressa, our daughter, with Domino

3 year old half-quarter and half-racking horse tri-paint. We purchased Domino from a nearby farm in Timmonsville when he was 6 months old for Ressa to raise and train. Now under saddle, he makes a great trail horse! He is not for sale.

Charlieís Magical Traveller,

Registered TWH, was born in April 2011.

He is full of personality and thinks that playing in the water is probably better than eating hay! He had a tough start to life, breaking his jaw 10 minutes after he was born. Thanks to NCSU, he is just fine minus a baby tooth. We are looking forward to watching him grow!

Charlieís Stormy Shadow will be a registered McCurdy and was born in March. The snowball on his nose has made him easy to find in the pasture at night! Born coal black, Shadow has already started to shed out into a gray roan. While younger brother Traveller would like to play, Shadow prefers to stay close to mom, Stormy.

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